April 26, 2017

Administrator’s Academy


Approved Illinois Administrator Academies
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AA Courses 2016-2017 School Year

#11365 Evaluator’s Guide to the SLO Process for Monitoring Student Growth – Enhancing our Skills
As administrators finish at least their first year of working with the SLO (Student Learning Objective) they may find this Academy timely, enhancing their skills for the coming year. The academy will address many aspects of the SLO Process, including evaluating assessments for alignment to the standards and rigor. A variety of strategies to help both teachers and administrators will be given, including how to analyze and manage the data.

This academy will guide administrators in understanding their role in the SLO Process. Evaluators will understand the components of an SLO. They will evaluate the rigor of the assessment resources that will be utilized. They will learn strategies to facilitate development of SLOs and Type III assessments, as well as to monitor the SLO Process.

Jennie Winters will explain the variety of types of assessments that can be used in a Balanced Assessment System, with a focus on Type III assessment for the purpose of evaluation.

We will discuss the role of quality assessments and performance level criteria in the SLO processes to use them to monitor student growth. Participants will understand how to analyze assessment resources to determine alignment to the rigor of the Illinois Learning Standards. Strategies for data management, including collection, analysis, disaggregation, and triangulation of data will be covered.

Participants will be able to apply skills and strategies to evaluate the appropriateness of assessments used to monitor student growth and evaluate educator effectiveness. Evaluators will know their role is to approve the assessments used for monitoring student growth based on the appropriate alignment to the standard and to the purpose of the assessment instrument.  Click here to register,  pay here
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Date:   May 4, 2017
Time:   8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Cost:   $175.00
Location:   ROE Moline
Audience:   Principals, Assistant Principals, Department Chairs, and PERA Team Members
Registration Deadline: 3/29/17

#11253  Communicating with Staff Regarding Performance Assessments
Our goal is to assist participants to understand how they currently communicate with others.  Through the introduction of the DISC Behavioral Styles, individuals identify how they respond in difficult situations.  Although one can’t control anothers’ behavior, attendees can learn to control their own responses, as well as to predict how others may communicate, without even saying a word.  In addition, our presentation provides action plans for responding to nine different types of difficult characters and role plays to help participants to integrate that knowledge into their school settings.  Strategies are offered as well on developing relationships, delivering confrontational statements, and ideas for dealing with evaluations.  Participants are also provided opportunities to practice delivering difficult messages and ideas on how to build and restore damaged relationships.  Tips for enhancing team interactions are also provided. Click here to register,  pay here

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May 25, 2017
Time:  8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Cost:  $150.00
Location:  ROE Moline
Presenters:  Susan Baker & Anita Plautz
Audience:  All Administrators
Registration Deadline: 5/18/2017


To register online for these courses you can go upto the top of the screen and click on “Teacher Resources” then click on “professional development”  and click on “professional development registration” in the drop down box or click here Be sure to fill out the registration form and click submit.  For further information on all Administrator Academies please contact julie.cox@riroe.com