April 23, 2018

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Online GED Transcript & Diploma Request Form

Electronic GED Transcript and Diploma Request Form

Use this form only if you are paying online for a GED Transcript or Diploma. Be sure to click the submit button at the bottom of this form when done. Please one day - one week for processing of your request.

GED Score Change FAQs

The passing score for GED test is now 145 instead of 150.  What this means for you:

  • If you’ve started taking the GED test – or are thinking about it this is great news!
    You’re more likely than ever to earn your diploma!  You now have to score 145 (instead of 150) on each test subject to pass.
  • You won’t see your passing status reflected on your score report until March 1.
    While this score change is effective immediately, your score report won’t be updated until March 1.  Just know that if you earn a 145 or higher on any test subject, you passed!
  • If you scored between 145-149 on a GED test subject in the past, your status has changed from fail to pass.
    Check your email (be sure to check your spam folder too) for a message from MyGED.
  • A few states, including Florida, Arkansas, South Carolina and California are still in the process of adopting this change.
    If you are testing in one of these states that hasn’t yet adopted this change, don’t worry.  Simply continue testing as you normally would.  This change has to go through a formal approval process that will take some extra time.

For more information on these scoring changes click here

GED Constitution Testing

The Constitution test is still a requirement of the G.E.D. testing in Illinois and is administered at no cost.  In order to schedule your constitution test please call 309/736-1111, testing is only given on Friday’s at 9AM.  Results are given right away and you may retake the test right then if you failed.  You must have made an appointment to test, no walk-ins.  Please arrive 15 minutes early in order to get through the registration process.

The ROE no longer has study guides so for information and other help please click here

Summary of the Skills and Content Needed to Prepare for the 2014 GED Test

GED Transcript Request

GED request transcript

#11632 Desmos Updates: A Great Tool for Grades 9-12 Math Teaching and Learning

Desmos has become a leader as a free online graphics calculator.  It is available, and runs easily, on iPads, phones, tablets, and computers.  The Desmos company has explicit goals for helping students learn and love math. (It is worth noting that the College Board has recently decided to make Desmos available on the SAT.) This workshop is designed to benefit teachers new to Desmos and those who have some experience.  We will look at the two aspects of Desmos: (1) The graphing calculator which can be used by teachers to dynamically demonstrate mathematical concepts and by students to explore and learn concepts, and (2) Desmos Classroom Activities. Desmos Classroom Activities are an ever-growing set of online activities which teachers can use to engage their students.  We will also look at the Desmos Activity Builder, so teachers can modify and build their own interactive Desmos Classroom Activities. We will connect the classroom activities to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and the Mathematical Practices.

Teachers are encouraged to attend both the morning and afternoon sessions.  The format in the morning and afternoon will be similar but the actual math content will be different.  There is a 30 minute break in between. Lunch is on your own.  Bring a laptop device as we will be accessing online teaching resources.

Date:           Sept 11, 2018

Time:           12:30 – 3:30 PM

Cost:              $40.00

Hours:       3

Location:     ROE Moline

Presenters:  Dr. Jim Olsen & Dr. Kim Hartweg

Registration Deadline: 9/4/18


#11629 Grow your Google

In this hands-on and minds-on workshop, participants will become actively engaged with GSuite for Education tools, how they connect to curriculum and align with best practices.  We will explore practical and efficient ways to get the maximum benefit from GSuite for Education.  This will be a differentiated session so that participants at every level can find success growing their Google!  During the workshop, we will complete a series of tasks which will offer hands-on exposure to multiple Google goodness such as Hangouts, Docs, Sites, Classroom, Maps, Calendar, Keep and a surprise or two.  Additionally, we will understand and manage the Chrome Browsers and how Extensions can improve upon the user experience.  Upon completion of this session, learners will leave feeling productive and armed with tools to support a shift instructional practice, transforming your classroom and digital workflow.
Date:  June 15, 2018
Time:  9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Cost:  $125.00
PD Hours:  6
Location:  ROE Moline
Audience:  All Educators
Presenters:  Kim Darche
Registration Deadline:  6/8/2018

Transcripts, Diplomas and other related information

If you tested in Rock Island County in Illinois you may request transcript information in one of three ways:

  1.  Come into the Regional Office of Education at 3430 Avenue of the Cities, Moline, IL and request a transcript/diploma.  You must fill out a request form and pay the $8.00 fee for a transcript or a $10.00 fee for a diploma and show an up-to-date license or State ID. In most cases you may be able to receive the documents immediately.

  2. If you can not come into this office and/or do not/can’t do the online pay please fill out this form and mail in with your payment

  3. If you are from out of town/can not come to this office to receive your documents, you may now pay the fee as indicated below and then you must come back to this page and fill out this form here :

Online pay for Transcript is $11.00 (includes $3.00 card fee)
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Online pay for Diploma is $13.00 (includes $3.00 card fee)
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ParaPro Assessment Test at RIROE

parapro_header_logo_140x72What is the ParaPro Assessment Test?
The ParaPro Assessment Test measures the skills and knowledge in reading, writing and math possessed by prospective and practicing paraprofessionals.  It also measures their ability to apply those skills and knowledge when assisting in classroom instruction.  It was designed to satisfy the requirements of the federally legislated NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT.

Who Takes the Test?
If you are going to apply for a paraprofessional educator license you must have a high school diploma or GED; and must meet one of the following requirements:

  • have completed at least 60 semester hours of credit from a regionally accredited institution
  • hold an Associate/Bachelor degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • completed and earned the following scores on the Work Keys test:  Reading for Information (4), Writing/Business Writing (3), Applied Math (4)
  • Or you must present an official score report from Educational Testing Service (ETS) showing a score of 460 or higher on the ParaPro Assessment Test

How, Where and Who?
The test takes approximately 2 1/2 hours to complete and is completed on the computer.  Test subjects include: reading, writing, and math.  There are 90 multiple choice questions, approximately 2/3 of which focus on basic skills and knowledge.  The remaining 1/3 focuses on applying skills in the classroom and the complete test questions are given in English.

Registration, Cost, Results
To register for the ParaPro test please contact the ROE at 309/736-1111.  The Cost for this test is $65 cash or you can use a debit or credit card for a cost of $68.00.  You will be able to access, view and download scores after the test but official score reports will be mailed to test takers approximately 2-3 weeks from the date of the test.  If you do not pass the ParaPro Test you must wait upto 21 days before you can retake it.

ISBE Licensure Fees
You must go to www.isbe.net click on “ELIS” create an account for a ParaProfessional License and fill out the application.  The cost of the license on ISBE is $101.75 ($100 for license and $1.75 card fee) then once you have been approved for the license you must submit your high school diploma and either a official transcript showing your 60 or more semester hours; or Associates/Bachelors Degree; or test results from either the ParaPro Assessment test or Work Keys test.  Don’t forget once all of this has been approved you must register your license in the county that you are going to be working in!  There is a fee of $51.75 for registering your license ($50.00 for license and $1.75 card fee).

Click here for help to register for your ParaProfessional License

Paraprofessional Requirements and Testing Information

To qualify for an Educator License with stipulations endorsed for Paraprofessional you must be at least 20 years of age and one of the following three options must be demonstrated:

1.  Completed 60 semester hours of college credit at a regionally accredited institution of higher education (evidence is an official transcript) OR

2.  Obtained an associate degree (or higher) at a regionally accredited institution of higher education (evidence is an official transcript) OR

3.  Meet a formal State assessment by ONE Of the following means:

1.  Passed the TS ParaPro assessment with a score of 460 or higher (evidence is an official score report) (for registration information to schedule this test please click here)
2. Passed the applicable ACT WorkKeys assessments (applied Mathematics-4, Reading for Information-4, Writing/Business Writing-3)

Application Process:

1.  A submitted application and fee in the Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) and
2.  Evidence of a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent (GED) is necessary if you do not have the college semester hours; and
3. One of the following:
*Official transcript(s) from a regionally accredited college or university; OR
*A copy of the ETS ParaPro score report (460 or higher) OR
*A copy of the WorkKeys score report (applied Mathematics-4, Reading for Information-4, Writing/Business Writing-3)

To be official, transcripts must be submitted in an envelope sealed by the college or university or be sent directly by the institution.  Transcripts received that are not in a sealed envelope from the university or not sent directly from the university will be considered unofficial and cannot be used for evaluation purposes.

A $100 application fee is required and will be paid online at www.isbe.net when the application is submitted.   

The Parapro test is given at the RIROE on Thursdays at 9 AM or 2 PM.  If you would like to schedule a test please call 309/736-1111, the cost for the Parapro test is $65.00.  If you would like some study material for the ParaPro test click here

Please submit your documentation (transcripts, Parapro test scores, diploma) to:

Regional Office of Education
Attn: Brandi Schwanke
3430 Avenue of the Cities
Moline, IL 61265

For more information on the Parapro test click here