May 28, 2017


New endorsement structure is coming February 1, 2018 for the Middle School Endorsement.  To give those wanting to get this endorsement before the new rules take affect we are offering the 2 Middle School courses through Aurora University again this summer.  Please note that these courses will not allow you to add an endorsement following the February 1, 2018 deadline however it will allow you to add the endorsement before that date.  Endorsements can be made with these courses prior to the date (2/1/2018) and those endorsements will be grandfathered in.  For more information on these changes coming please click here

These courses will be provided as online courses that you will need to register through Aurora University.  They will take place in the Summer of 2017, more information will be provided here as it becomes available.

EDU 5440 Middle School Mission & Methods – 3 Grad Credits
This course explores some of the key issues impacting middle schools in our society today.  Using current research, case studies, and class projects, students will discuss and analyze issues that shape middle school current practice in a multi cultural society.  During the course, there will be opportunity to apply source concepts in the construction of an ideal middle school and to analyze different strategies for achieving this ideal.  Online June 12 – August 4

EDU 5370  Adolescent Development & Learning – 3 Grad Credits
The focus of this course is on the principles of adolescent development by examining aspects of biological, psychological and social development during adolescence. The course explores how social experiences in the family, peer group, school and broader community influence  adolescent development, how adolescents learn, what motivates them to learn, how schools (and   especially teachers) can make an important contribution to the growth of adolescents by  teaching in ways that “fit” the developmental needs of youth.  Online June 12 -August 4

EDUO5450  Middle School Math Methods
This course will be available as an online course through Aurora University June 5 – June 30, 2017.  

To register for these courses please use the following information:

Please go to

Scroll all the way to the bottom and click Webadvisor

Then click Continuing Education

Then click Register to Received Graduate Continuing Education Classes

Then scroll to Education Partner and select ROE Course Offerings

Due to the cost of these courses, early enrollment is suggested.