May 28, 2017

#11449 Ditch that Worksheet!

Wanting to incorporate technology into your daily lessons but not sure how? This session will show you how to using simple easy-to-use tools to incorporate video, audio, real time interaction, creativity, and fun into your everyday lessons, projects, and assessments. Join me for a full day where you will learn, practice, and take away simple ideas you can incorporate to take your teaching and your students learning to a whole new level. Bring your device to take full advantage of the experience. The session will begin with a survey in order to tailor the workshop to your specific needs. This session is appropriate for any educator of any level or subject as well as administrators.

Date:             June 22, 2017
Time:              9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Location:       ROE Moline
Cost:               $100
Hours:            6
Presenter:   Jenny Marmion
Audience:    K– 12th Grade Teachers
Registration Deadline: 6/15/17