November 22, 2017

#11542 The Growth Mindset and Teaching GRIT

Two Interesting Topics one great day of professional Learning!  “Mindset by Carol Dweck presents the “growth mindset” as the most essential element of success and happiness in life.  A growth mindset is a perspective on life in which we find validation from internal growth rather than external rewards:  Who we become is what we take forward forever.”

“Through extensive research, Angela Duckworth and her team have proven that the common denominator among spelling bee finalists, successful West Point cadets, salespeople and teachers who not only stick with, but improve in their performance is grit.”

This two-part workshop will first- focus on how do we instill a growth mindset in our students, AND how we as teachers can promote a growth mindset with in our classrooms. The key is looking at how we frame success, and the language we use to do so.  It doesn’t require doing more, just an adjustment to how we already do things.

Second, this workshop will focus on a learned personality trait known as grit. Those who have this trait are able to perseverance toward a goal despite being confronted by obstacles and distractions.  Participants will learn strategies that will help teachers model and teach grit.

Dates:                January 29, 2018

Time:                 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Location:          ROE Moline

Presenter:        Dara Carr

Cost:                  $125.00

Audience:       All Teachers & Administrators

Registration Deadline: 1/22/18