July 20, 2018

#11633 Desmos Grades 7-12

Desmos has become a leader as a free online graphics calculator. It is available, and runs easily, on iPads, phones, tablets, and computers. The Desmos Company has explicit goals for helping students learn and love math. (It is worth noting that the College Board has recently decided to make Desmos available on the SAT.) This workshop will have three components: (1) The graphing calculator which can be used by teachers to dynamically demonstrate mathematical concepts and by students to explore and learn concepts, (2) Desmos Classroom Activities which are an ever-growing set of online activities which teachers can use to engage their students, and (3) Desmos Activity Builder, so teachers can modify and build their own interactive Desmos Classroom Activities. We will connect the classroom activities to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and the Mathematical Practices

Bring a laptop or device, as we will be accessing online teaching resources. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch on your own.

Date:           Sept. 11, 2018

Time:           9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Cost:           $40.00

Location:     ROE Moline

Presenter:  Dr. Jim Olsen & Dr. Kim Hartweg

Registration Deadline: 9/4/18