November 19, 2018

#11783 Socio-Economic Differences: Teaching Students in Poverty

Do you connect with your students in poverty? Does your curriculum?  Learn research-sound, teacher-friendly techniques to work with this population.  Based on Dr. Ruby Payne and Dr. Donna Beagle’s work, the participants will be able to develop curriculum and programs based on students’ class values, hidden rules, communication styles, behavior and more.  For instance, after school tutoring opportunities can be off-putting to students from poverty.  Learn how to frame those sessions so they are more enticing.

Presenter, Susan Zelnio, was a certified Ruby Payne trainer and has given the session from Omaha to Chicago to educators K-16 as well as agencies and businesses.

Date:  February 28, 2019
Time:  9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Cost:  $75.00
Location:  ROE Moline
Audience:  All school personnel
Presenter:  Susan Zelnio
Registration Deadline:  2/21/2019