January 22, 2019

FREE #11788 Learn how to Navigate the IRC and My IRC Sites

So much has changed with the rollout of this year’s version of the Illinois Report Card!

There are new metrics, redesigned screens, and the inclusion of the data surrounding ESSA and EBF makes the information even more valuable for administrators and our schools.

This free workshop will walk participants through all corners of the site, along with conversations on how best to interpret and use the data.  In addition, a portion of the session will be dedicated to exploring the My IRC site, where individual student data is housed.

  There is a ton of great information in Illinois Report Card!

 It can be very difficult to navigate without some help, so please join us!

Date:             February 6, 2019
8:30 AM – NOON
Cost:              FREE

Hours:            3.5
ROE Moline

Audience:     Teachers and Administrators

Presenters: Steve Herkert

Registration Deadline: 1/8/2019