April 20, 2019

NEW!!!!! Autism in the Classroom

ROE49 has partnered with the National Autism Academy to offer several opportunities for PD.  You can choose either

“The National Autism Academy provides professional training for teachers with autism in the classroom. Although the skills and strategies are focused on children with autism, we see the application of these tools being used in a wide variety of behavioral dysfunctions.”
-Jeri Callaway Director, ROE SchoolWorks

  1. Individual classes (8) for $40 each and earn the number of PD hours assigned to each class. Most are 4 hours; a couple are 3 hours. 30 hours total. The total spend for eight classes is $320.
  2. The full 30-hour course (8 classes) for $288. 10% off $320 and earn 30 PD hours.
  3. Or you can receive 2 full graduate credits through Lindenwood University (LU).  Once the requirements for the grad course are met, and you pay LU the $150 admin fee you will receive two graduate credits through LU.

Children with autism struggle with sensory overload and sensory overwhelm which can cause them to experience paralyzing anxiety, inattention, lack of comprehension, anger, extreme frustration, meltdowns, negative self-image, and misperceptions of the social environment, among other things. Of course, these emotions and behaviors are not desirable for the classroom. Successfully teaching a child with autism requires that the educator understands certain dynamics of autistic thinking and works with the child accordingly.

The root of the difficulties that individuals with autism experience relates directly to the sensory over-stimulation and the resulting processing irregularities that are part of the autism. Because the neurological functioning of an individual with autism becomes overwhelmed by incoming sensory data, much other information in their environment is either never recognized, or never processed, and certainly is not stored for future reference.

As a result, children with autism are not learning automatically from their environment the way neurotypical (not on the autism spectrum) kids learn. Neurotypical children are building an understanding of the world that fuels their ability to be functional in general, their ability to succeed socially, and their overall executive functioning ability. The fact that children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) don’t intuitively learn from their environment makes it necessary for us to intentionally and purposefully teach children with autism many abstract concepts, behaviors, and expectations that other children know instinctively from studying their environment. The lack of intuitive learning also leaves the ASD child without a social database to reference for interpersonal interactions, and that makes every interaction feel unique and unpredictable to them. This unpredictability can be extremely anxiety producing even to the point of being intolerable and can result in meltdowns, massive attempts to control the environment, and other extreme behaviors.

There are 8 courses to choose from for $40 each payable through the National Autism Academy website.  You may choose to take all 8 courses for a total discounted total of $288.  You must take the Introduction to Autism Class before you can move on to any of the others.  For more information or to sign up and get started click here.