September 24, 2017

#11516 Understanding and Using Growth Mindset through Instruction and Assessments to move Students Forward

Great educators help kids grow, learn and improve. Fostering an assessment system of “not yet” is critical. Cultures within schools must be steeped in a “growth” mindset of student, teacher “talk” and grades in order to make systematic changes. From Piaget to Stiggins to Dweck this presentation will harness practical and effective methods of mindsets to utilizing data to keep students and staff believing success is within reach if they just keep trying!

Instruction, assessment (formative) and then re-instruction & assessment are key to implementation of growth mindset teaching.

After studying the behavior of thousands of children, Dr. Dweck discovered there was a fundamental difference in children’s approach to learning something new. She coined the terms “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset” to describe the underlying beliefs she found kids (and adults) have about learning and intelligence. She found that when students BELIEVE they can get smarter and they understand that EFFORT, which ultimately produce learning, makes their brain “stronger.” This mindset–that intelligence is not fixed–is the growth mindset.

After studying success in multiple environments from the military to schools to the workforce, Angela Duckworth found a single predictor of success and it wasn’t intelligence, it wasn’t good looks, and it wasn’t even correlated to socioeconomic status, race or gender. It was GRIT. Helping students to understand perseverance toward a long term goal (learning complex concepts in algebra or getting good enough at reading to tackle that chapter book) requires GRIT applied through a growth mindset. How we talk about learning to our students, how we present them with assessment and how we give feedback are critical elements of our educational instruction and assessment systems that encourage our kids to have GRIT.

Date:  October 30, 2017
Time:  9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Cost: $65.00 with academy credit
Location:  ROE Moline
Audience:  Teachers
Presenters:  Anne Weerda
Registration Deadline:  10/9/2017


#11513 Mindful Moments in the Classroom, Grades K-5

During this session, participants will learn about components of a mindful classroom and the basics of designing a mindful classroom for intermediate learners, experience mindful techniques, yoga for kids, and brain breaks that can be used with any behavior management program, develop an understanding of how mindfulness and self-practice can reduce stress and increase mindfulness for the educator.  Participants will also be exposed to basic mindfulness research and learn about many free resources available online, including free mindfulness and service learning curriculum choices available online.  Lindsay Meeker, the presenter, is certified in yoga for kids and has implemented mindfulness in public schools.
Date:  October 7, 2017
Time:  9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Cost:  $25.00
PD Hours:  5
Location:  ROE Moline
Presenter:  Lindsay Meeker
Audience:  Teachers and Administrators
Registration Deadline:  10/1/2017