June 25, 2018

#11624 Using Children’s Literature that Supports Reading and Writing, Three Workshops in One!

Make the most of your professional development with an opportunity to have hands on experience with picture books and a host of other ideas to get your classroom ready for next school year. Three presentations will be presented in one day to pique your interest in using more picture books in your Pre-K-5th grade classrooms. Together we will explore books, strategies and connect these to the Common Core Standards to include in your lessons plans and units of study! Laura is the ELA Content Specialist for the State of Illinois and a Gifted Consultant. Take advantage of this affordable opportunity to hear one of the most knowledgeable presenters in the ELA field. Her presentation will help you work with ALL students in your classroom.

Part I: Using Picture Books and Books with Pictures, the Stories They Tell and What Children Can Learn from them. In this session, participants will experience the whole book approach to using children’s literature for read alouds as well as matching children with books. Together we will explore how the physicality of the book the art work and the words create visual interplay that leads to enhanced vocabulary, close reading comprehension development. Please attend this workshop as we will explore something tried and true and new books on the market that you and your students will enjoy.

Part II: Primary Readers as Super Sleuths: Developing Readers as Problem Solvers and Critical Thinkers Through Mystery Stories. Using a variety of picture books and developmentally appropriate early novels, we will explore the genre of “mystery”. This session will advise educators how to create an enriching literacy environment that develops and advances the skill set of problem solving as well as critical and create thinking. A bibliography of texts will be shared to start your super sleuths on the path of reading between the lines and become detectives of literary investigation.

Part III: Selecting and Utilizing Multicultural and Culturally Relevant Children’s Literature to Understand Ourselves and Others. We live in a diverse and ever changing global society. Quality picture books and informational narrative texts will be the lens by which our above average/gifted students can view themselves and the perception of others. Differences between diverse, multicultural and culturally relevant literature will be examined. This session demonstrates how noted authors and illustrators create valuable literary experiences through the stories they tell and the pictures that make words come alive. Carefully created bibliographies, and notable web links will support attendees transfer to classroom use supporting our above average/gifted learners. Empathy, self-realization, and perspectives of other will be discussed using critical and creative thinking.

Date: October 24, 2018

Time: 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Cost: $125

Location: ROE Moline

Audience:   PreK-5th Grade General, Special Ed and Gifted Teachers, Librarians, Literacy/RtI/Intervention Coaches and Reading Specialists

Presenter: Laura Beltchenko

Registration Deadline: 10/17/2018


#11630 Accommodating ALL Learners through Differentiation

What is differentiation? How can it help teachers meet the wide range of learning needs/levels in their classroom? During this workshop we will examine several “teacher-friendly” methods that may help to accommodate ALL levels of learners in your classroom. Differentiation works in all subject areas and grades.

We will discuss the benefits, critical pieces, and types of differentiation. We will look at how to differentiate instruction and assessment through Content, Process, and Products. We will examine such things as flexible grouping, compacting, offering choice and how it supports your teacher evaluation instrument.

Date: July 31, 2018

Time: 9:00 – 11:30 AM

Location: ROE Moline

Cost: $15.00

Hours: 2.5

Presenter:   Nancy Galbraith

Audience:   All Teachers & Administrators

Registration Deadline: 7/24/2018


PRICE REDUCED #11638 180 Days of Awesome

You are AWESOME and awesome is all around us. Every day you walk into your school something amazing is bound to happen. Some days that awesome is easy to see, it comes in the form of laughter, academic progress, achievement goals, and building relationships with kids. Some days that awesome is nearly impossible to see among all the meetings, curriculum changes, displeased parents, and behavior concerns. Here is the cool part; whether you are having a level 10 day or level 0 day, focusing on the awesome has the power to turn each day of education into an exciting adventure in learning, even if we have to shift our mindset to find it. Come along with me on this 180 day quest as we learn to focus on those little amazing moments that have the power to change everything. Because, sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference! So put on your power teaching shoes, a big smiley face, and prepare a cup…or pot of coffee ready, you are about to embark on 180 days of AWESOME! Each participant will leave with a copy of Monica’s newest book-180 Days of Awesome.  To learn more about Monica Genta please check out her website at  www.monicagenta.com

Date(s): August 9, 2018
Times:   9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Location: ROE Moline
Presenter(s): Monica Genta
Audience: Teachers & Administrators
Cost: $40.00
PD Hours: 5
Registration Deadline: 8/2/2018


#11609 Teaching with Poverty in Mind

Poverty does not mean a person is unable to learn and succeed. Children who live in poverty can meet high expectations and standards. It is the effective teacher who understands, builds relationships, seeks, resources, doesn’t allow for excuses, and creates high expectations for ALL that can bridge the gap for students of poverty.

This workshop will review the 5 effective factors that high achieving schools supporting poverty have in place as identified by Eric Jensen, author of “Teaching with Poverty in Mind”. Time will also be spent learning strategies that will help engage students of poverty in the learning process.
DATE:  July 25, 2018
Time:   9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Location:  ROE Moline
Cost:  $125.00
Audience:  Teachers and Administrators
Presenters:  Dara Carr
Registration Deadline:  7/18, 2018

Statewide System of Support Foundational Services

ROEISC_Med (3)The Illinois State Board of Education has partnered with the Illinois Center for School Improvement, Regional Offices of Education and Intermediate Service Centers across the state to deliver high quality, coordinated and consistent professional development, technical assistance and networking which establish the Foundational Services delivery framework under the Statewide System of Support.

The seven areas include:

Continuous Improvement Planning (CIP), using Rising Star on the Illinois Interactive Report Card

    • The New Illinois Learning Standards incorporating the Common Core in ELA
    • The New Illinois Learning Standards incorporating the Common Core in mathematics
    • Balanced Assessment/PARCC
    • Teacher Evaluation
    • Family Engagement
    • The New Illinois Learning Standards incorporating Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)





#11617 Sharing Mindfulness with Families

During this session, participants will learn how to share mindful practices with families through family yoga events that include yoga stories and family yoga games. Participants will also be provided with parent education and communication tools, as well as FREE resources regarding mindful parenting. We will also learn techniques that can be shared between families and the classroom! This session will be most applicable to teachers serving families with children pre-school through Grade 5. Join Us!

Date: June 26, 2018

Time: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Location: ROE Moline

Cost: FREE

Hours: 4

Presenter:   Lindsay Meeker

Audience:   Prek – 5th grade Teachers & Administrators

Registration Deadline: 6/19/2018






































#11651 How we became a Trauma-Informed School – Putting the Trauma Informed Pieces Together: School Wide System & Classroom Strategies


Who: Teachers, Administrators, School Social workers, counselors, psychologists, paras, nurses, teams and other disciplinarians

When: June 28, 2018        9:30 AM – 3:00 PM    Reg. Deadline:  6/21/2018

Where: ROE Moline          Cost:      $25.00                              PD Hours:  5

Presenters:  Matt Lingafelter, Galesburg #205 Administrator and Andrea Frieden, Galesburg #205 Teache

Outcomes and Description:

Our speakers are both educator-leaders from the Galesburg #205 School District. Matt Lingafelter has worked as an upper elementary teacher, outreach worker, and Galesburg #205 administrator. Andrea Frieden has worked as a primary classroom teacher, as well as a school-wide interventionist.  They take pride in the transformational work their regular education school as undergone in the area of implementing trauma-informed practices over the last 4 years.  They are passionate about sharing this foundational knowledge with you.


The day will be divided into 2 Focus Areas.   Focus Area #1 concerns, “Establishing a Trauma-Informed System with School-wide Commitment.” High performing schools have systems in place that lead them to achieve their goals.  The needs of students from trauma require a systematic approach rather than simply adding a program.  During the day, we will focus on how to respond to the social-emotional and behavioral needs of students.  When implemented successfully, you will find your school has gone through a paradigm shift related to meeting the needs of each and every student.


Focus #2 concerns, “Classroom Strategies that Build a Community for Student Success.” Building a climate of connectedness and safety is essential to a classroom community.   Fortunately, there are many strategies and structures that can easily be implemented within a classroom.  These strategies and structures will also help to preserve the relationships and climate of safety in the classroom even when a student becomes dysregulated.


#11649 Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) INTERFACE: ACES PART I:

Understanding the impact of trauma on health, behavior and your role in building resiliency for positive students outcomes


Who: All Teachers, Administrators, school social workers, counselors, psychologists, para-educators, nurses, and other professionals working with students & community

When: July 23, 2018   @ 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM Register by July 13, 2018

Where: ROE Moline          Lunch will be provided

Cost:       $25.00                               PD Hours:  6

Presenters: Anne McNelis, LCSW of Transitions Mental Health


Outcomes and Description:

If you work with children, learning about ACEs will change the way you deal with those difficult behaviors some children exhibit. The information in this workshop is a prerequisite to understanding the strategies presented on July 24th at the “ACES Comes to School: Strategies to Reduce Challenging Behaviors” workshop.

The ACE (adverse childhood experiences) study confirms with scientific evidence that adversity during development increases the risk of physical, mental and behavioral problems later in life. The ACE Study and other research using the Study’s framework have taught us that ACEs are the leading cause of health and social problems in our nation – the most powerful determinant of the public’s health. Toxic stress during childhood can impact brain development and brain interaction with body systems and can result in negative behaviors. You see these behaviors and maladaptive coping skills every day in classrooms, hallways, and on the sidewalk. But childhood is a window of opportunity for building resilience – after all, the developing brain is sensitive to all kinds of experience. Learn about these patterns of brain development, the ACE study, our opportunities for ACE prevention, and how protective systems promote resilience in children, families and our community for more productive learning and safe, nurturing environments.

This training will include a viewing and discussion of the documentary “Paper Tigers”. “Paper

Tigers” follows a year in the life of an alternative high school that has radically changed its approach to disciplining its students, becoming a promising model for how to break the cycles of poverty, violence and disease that affect families.

Training provided by Anne McNelis, LCSW of Transitions Mental Health Services.

Training supported and endorsed by the Eastern Iowa – Western Illinois Trauma Informed Care Consortium.

#11650 Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) Comes to School:

Strategies to Reduce Challenging Symptoms in the School



Who: All Teachers, Administrators, school social workers, counselors, psychologists, para-educators, nurses, and other professionals working with students & community

When: July 24, 2018  9:00 AM – 3:30 PM         Register by July 13, 2018

Where: ROE Moline          Lunch will be provided

Cost:       $25.00                               PD Hours:  6

Presenters: Jennifer Best, MS Ed., CFLE, CFCS-HDFS, BCC

Outcomes and Description:

Attendance at the July 23 ROE workshop or similar ACES Interface Workshop is required to attend this workshop. When students have been exposed to traumatic events and situations, their neurodevelopment is altered in ways that impact their behavior, executive functioning and academic performance in school. These students often become our most challenging to serve and support. Building on the information in the ACE Interface training, this session will delve deeper into the neuro-psycho-social impact of trauma, and how these symptoms are exhibited in the classroom. Then, participants will explore a three-tiered approach for reducing symptoms and supporting healthy development. This approach will include practical tools for preventing traumatic symptoms through environmental and academic strategies, as well as evidence-based approaches to handling our own stress in order to make better connections with students who need it most. Taught by Jennifer Best, MS Ed., CFLE, CFCS-HDFS, BCC from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, participants will walk away with books, materials and hands-on tools that they can start implementing the day after the training.

Training supported and endorsed by the Eastern Iowa – Western Illinois Trauma Informed Care Consortium.