October 19, 2018

#11695 Engaging Learners with Video

This workshop will provide teachers with ways to design, develop, and integrate video to enhance learning materials and classroom instruction.  Teachers will learn how to create videos (including screencasts from the computer screen), edit videos, share videos, and curate videos on a YouTube channel (to make them available for easy use).  Videos can be used in a wide variety of ways.  Videos and video clips can be used in class, outside of class, to supplement concepts, to extend concepts, and to enhance a gifted education program.  The tools we will be using for creating, editing, and curating videos are  all free.  Participants should bring a laptop with a built in camera and microphone.

Date:  November 1, 2018
Time:  9 AM – 3 PM
Cost:  $125.00
PD Hours:  5
Presenter:  Dr. Jim Olsen
Audience:  Teachers Grades 3-12
Location:  ROE Moline
Registration Deadline:  10/25/2018