February 22, 2019


THE NEW DEVELOPMENTAL EDUCATION CURRICULUM IS NOW AVAILABLE aligned with the 40 assets and the Social Emotional Learning Standards.

To order the Curriculum or for more info contact:
Julie Cox
Rock Island County Regional Office of Education

Our Mission Statement
The mission of developmental education is to enable all students to realize their full potential.

This proactive and preventive model includes a Pre-K-12 comprehensive developmental curriculum that is designed to be both an integral part and an independent component of the total educational experience.

This curriculum helps students access community resources and creates a bridge to productive employment.

Educators today are faced with the challenging task of helping students acquire new skills and knowledge while also developing decision making and problem solving abilities which enable them to be increasingly independent, responsible and prepared for career decisions.

To help students grow more independent and responsible, the developmental guidance philosophy and model were created. The Developmental Guidance Model is a program that is proactive and preventive. It includes a life skills curriculum aimed at helping students develop skills in decision making, coping, setting goals, maintaining satisfying relationships and assuming personal responsibility for their lives. Its goal is to enable all students to realize their full potential in their chosen careers.

What is it?
The Development Education Curriculum is a comprehensive resource of activities to supplement current classroom instruction across the curriculum and for the purpose of developing students’ learning, life, and career skills.

The flexible curriculum is sequential and developmentally appropriate for each designated grade level (PreK-12) and includes reproducible classroom ready activities with suggestions for discussions and student and teacher evaluations.

The curriculum is based on goals and competencies developed by the Illinois Counseling Association in cooperation with Illinois State Board of Education using the National Career Development Guidelines. The competencies parallel the ISBE Learning Standards.
Dev Ed Brochure

How is it to be used?
This is an easy-to use curriculum requiring little preparation time. The activities are ready to go and reproducible from either the binder or CD, to be used by educators who identify needs in the academic, career, and social development of their students.

The curriculum is designed with several activities per competency, allowing the educator to choose a presentation style with which he or she is most comfortable: active, paper/pencil, discussion, small or large groups.

What schools will be using it?
All educators within the Rock Island, Henry, Stark, Bureau and Mercer Counties Regional Office of Education are encouraged to attend a training workshop and receive a copy of this curriculum appropriate for their grade level.

Most school districts in the region are currently implementing the Developmental Education Curriculum.

The curriculum is available at a nominal charge to educators outside of the region.

How can I learn more?
Training opportunities which address curriculum design, implementation, and group facilitation skills are available upon request. Contact Julie Cox at the Rock Island County Regional Office of Education.

How do I order?
To order your copy or copies for yourself or your school please use this form  Dev Ed order form

Sponsored by:
The Rock Island County Regional Office of Education,
Quad City Career & Technical Education Consortium (QCCTEC)