April 20, 2019

Prevention Services Referral Procedure Protocol

Step One:
Absenteeism letter FY18  (from school) is sent to the parent/guardian(s) at 3-5 days of unexcused absences.  Unexcused tardiness incidents may also be included in the letter as well.  This is the first warning to the parent/guardian(s).  Do not send the ROE this letter until referral time.  We do suggest using “red”, or other suitably noticeable, paper for this letter to help get the parent/guardian(s) attention.  **It is recommended that a school-based meeting be held to discuss the student’s attendance and may include ROE personnel.
Step Two:
Referral Letter School FY18(from school) is sent to the parent/guardian(s) after 6-8 or more days of unexcused absences.  Unexcused tardiness incidents may also be included in the letter as well.  At this point, the parent/guardian(s) are notified they have been referred to the ROE #49 Prevention Services.
Step Three:
Referral to the Regional Office-Prevention Services (from school) will consist of a copy of the first letter, referral letter, Referral Checklist , latest attendance records, grades, and any logs from phone calls/meetings by teachers or administrators.  You will call the RIROE to discuss each case or set up a time to discuss each case with the Truant Officer/Case Manager for your district.  Also, on the Referral Checklist  you will need to check all that apply, including interventions the school has made in regards to the students truant behavior.  We suggest that there be at least 4 checked (1st letter, 2nd letter, phone calls, meetings, etc).  If the referral check list is not filled out completely, acceptance of the case will be delayed.  Once the case is accepted, the student has officially been referred to the ROE #49 Prevention Services.
Step Four:
An Appointment Letter (from ROE) is sent to the parent/guardian(s) to arrange a meeting with a Prevention Service Specialist regarding their case.  At this meeting the Prevention Service Specialist will discuss with the parent/guardian(s) the availability of local services and agencies and will offer to make the proper referrals where necessary.  If the parent/guardian(s) is compliant and follows through with the recommended services, further assistance will be provided.  However, if a parent/guardian(s) is non-compliant and/or fails to appear for the appointment, an immediate referral will be made to the Regional Superintendent of Schools requesting an administrative hearing.  In this meeting the Case Manager will also discuss how often they will meet with the student and provide help in areas they need intervention/prevention.
Step Five:
If, after an administrative hearing, the Regional Superintendent’s determination is to refer the parent/guardian(s) to the State’s Attorney’s Office for a pre-trial hearing, paperwork will be completed and submitted by the designated Prevention Service Specialist.  At the conclusion of the pre-trial hearing, the State’s Attorney’s Office will determine appropriate consequences as prescribed by law.