Prevention Services / Truancy


From the desk of Scott Sensabaugh, Director of Prevention Services:  Welcome back to another school year!

The Prevention Services department at the Rock Island County Regional Office of Education has grown over the summer. We would like to welcome Leslie Brose to the team. Leslie will be our new Prevention Services Specialist/Truant Officer. Cristina Magadan is still with our team, accepting a new role as our Student and Family Engagement Case Manager. We are excited about adding to our team and being able to provide more services to the students and families of Rock Island County. We look forward to continuing our great relationships with our schools and to the expanded services we can provide the schools in keeping students present. Below is the Prevention Services team with what schools they will be assisting.

Scott Sensabaugh - Director of Prevention Services/Truant Officer: Hampton, Moline-Coal Valley (Moline High School, Aspire, John Deere Middle School, Wilson Middle School, Bicentennial, Butterworth, Franklin, George Washington, Hamilton, Jane Addams, Jefferson EC, Logan, Roosevelt), Riverdale (Riverdale Elementary, Riverdale Middle School, Riverdale High School), Silvis (George O. Barr, Northeast Junior High)

Jennifer Mayares-Soberanis - Assistant Director of Prevention Services/Truant Officer: Moline-Coal Valley ( Lincoln-Irving, Willard) Rock Island/Milan, Rockridge

Cristina Magadan - School and Family Engagement Case Manager

Leslie Brose - Prevention Services Specialist/Truant Officer: Carbon Cliff-Barstow (Eagle Ridge), East Moline (Glenview Middle School, EMEC, Bowlesburg, Hillcrest, Ridgewood (EM), Wells), Sherrard (Sherrard High School, Sherrard Junior High, Sherrard Elementary, Matherville, Winola), United Township

  • The Illinois School Code requires children between ages 6 and 17 to attend school. Areas of assistance that are provided to students, families and schools include attendance awareness programs, truancy prevention hearings, attendance policy development, individual casework, drop-out prevention activities and intervention.

  • Prevention Services Referral Procedure Protocol

Step One: Absenteeism letter FY24  (from school) is sent to the parent/guardian(s) at 5-7 days of unexcused absences. Unexcused tardiness incidents may also be included in the letter as well. This is the first warning to the parent/guardian(s). Do not send the ROE this letter until referral time. It is recommended that a school-based meeting be held to discuss the student’s attendance and may include ROE personnel.

Step Two: Referral Letter School FY24 (from school) is sent to the parent/guardian(s) after 8-10 or more days of unexcused absences. At this point, the parent/guardian(s) are notified they have been referred to the ROE #49 Prevention Services program.

Step Three: Referral to the Regional Office-Prevention Services (from school) will consist of a copy of the first letter, referral letter, Referral Checklist, latest attendance records. Also, on the Referral Checklist you will need to check all that apply, including interventions the school has made in regard to the student's truant behavior. We suggest that there be at least 4 checked (1st letter, 2nd letter, phone calls, meetings, etc.) If the referral check list is not filled out completely, acceptance of the case may be delayed. Once the case is accepted, the student has officially been referred to the ROE #49 Prevention Services program.

Step Four: An Appointment Letter (from ROE) is sent to the parent/guardian(s) to arrange a meeting with a Prevention Service Specialist regarding their case.  At this meeting the Prevention Service Specialist will discuss with the parent/guardian(s) interventions to barriers, availability of local services and agencies, will offer to make the proper referrals where necessary, and discuss the Illinois laws and city ordinances regarding child truancy. If the parent/guardian(s) is compliant and follows through with the recommended services, the case may be exited at the discretion of the Prevention Services Specialist. School personnel is invited to this meeting if they would like to join as all meetings take place in the school building.

Step Five: If a parent/guardian is non-compliant and/or fails to appear for the appointment, an immediate referral may be made to the Regional Superintendent of Schools requesting an Administrative Hearing (truancy court). In this hearing, the Preventions Services Specialist will discuss the case, the contacts the specialist has had with the student/family/guardian(s), how often they will meet with the student/family/guardian(s) and provide help in areas they need (Intervention/prevention). After this step, improvement I attendance is mandatory.

Step Six: If after an Administrative Hearing, the Regional Superintendent’s determination is to refer the parent/guardian(s) to the State’s Attorney’s Office for a pre-trial hearing, paperwork will be completed and submitted to the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department by the designated Prevention Services Specialist. At the conclusion of the pre-trial hearing, the State’s Attorney’s Office will determine appropriate consequences as prescribed by law. The parent would now be facing a charge of “Guardian Allows Child Truancy.” (105 ILCS 5/26-10)

All referrals to the Prevention Services Program will be monitored throughout the school year with a determination at the end of the year if the case will be continued the following year. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Scott Sensabaugh, Director of Prevention Services, at (309) 736-1111.