Art Show / Open House

The Rock Island County Regional Office of Education (RIROE) promotes the importance of Fine Arts by offering its oakwood gallery and glass showcase for displaying students’ artwork.  This opportunity is offered to recognize students’ artwork, acknowledge the important work of Visual Art teachers, inspire students and families towards an increased appreciation of artistic endeavors. It also gives the Rock Island County Regional Office of Education visitors an opportunity to view the fine art work of students. Each show features the artwork of students and is displayed for a month. In addition, each show is highlighted by an evening open house reception and gallery walk for the student artists their families and guests. Superintendent Tammy Muerhoff (or her representative) recognizes the artists and presents certificates of achievement.

Due to COVID the ROE was not able to promote this event last year.  This year, however, our Moline Art Teachers wanted to carry on this tradition and recognize their students.  Thinking outside of the box,  Moline Elementary Art teachers, Jim Sheese, Kayla Reed, Chelena Henning, Deborah Johnston and Sarah Dembosky came up with another way to allow the Regional Office of Education to recognize these students please click here to view the slide show of the work these students created.  Thank you!